Xzibit: What's up ya'll it's your boi X to the Z Xzibit. We're back and we're ready to blow Josh's mind with his new ride! You ready Josh?

Josh: Yeah I'm pumped.

Xzibit: AIGHT!! Josh, when I came to pick up yo car it was a disaster. The seats were torn apart and there was left over food dat smelt like sh*t. Your windows were all cracked and you only had one hubcap. Well, all that's about to change. Check out your new whip!

(White sheet is pulled off the car)

Josh: What the f*ck…

Xzibit: Right off the bat we hit you up with a new paint job. On the right side we've got a Barney purple finish with a "F*ck da police" graphic written on the side.

Josh: What the hell! You can't just write that on a car. I'm gonna get arrested!

Xzibit: Ha, no doubt. On the left side we've got a sick placenta red finish with a graphic of the Hardy Boys fighting a fire breathing dragon. Yo, this graphic is hot.

Josh: …did you paint a dragon on my car just so you could use that joke?

Xzibit: Movin' on to the interior. When I brought dis car in the seats were torn apart. The boyz here decided to do something that's never been done befo.

Mad Mike: That's right. We ran outa leather and Xzibit joked about how we were in a hairy situation so we decided to use…

Josh: Oh my God is that…

Mad Mike: …human hair.

Xzibit: This has NEVER been done befo!

Josh: OK what does that mean? Just because it's never been done before doesn't mean it should be. No one's ever f*cked a starfish, but you don't see me going out to do it!!

Xzibit: Aight, calm down. I got a big surprise for you. I remember you tellin' me you're a psychology major so I went out and got you the dopest gift.

(Xzibit open the trunk)

Josh: Oh my God! Is that a skelteon?!!

Xzibit: Thas right! I went out and dug up your boi Seymour Freud. Tha boyz here at West Coast hooked up some hydraulics to his jaw so it looks like he's saying the prerecorded message from ya boi X to tha Z…

Josh: Alright!!! That's enough! First of all, it's Sigmund. Secondly, I signed up for this because I thought you were going to improve my car, but you just ended up taking random things that have nothing to do with cars and destroying my vehicle. You put a whole bunch of improbable, not to mention illegal, additions into my car.

(Xzibit presses a button inside the trunk)

Dead Sigmund Freud: WASSSAAAA!! It's your boi Seymour. I know about psychology and junk.

Josh: That's it I'm leaving. Thanks for nothing.

(Josh leaves)

Xzibit: Looks like Josh needs to liven up a bit. Until next time, it's your boi X to tha Z Xzibit sayin' peace.