An underground is rising. Dark whispers and hushed tones pervade the air (the air breathed by web servers in NY somewhere). And in these stirrings are a cry for freedom. Freedom to write short, titled, sometimes offensive one-liners and lists, without the oppression and censorship of the all powerful 105%-o-matic. Rising from the barren murk of the comment sections, a new champion approaches. It's 106%-o-matic.

Oh no they didn't! Yes. They did. Like some sort of dog that is below (or under), these gladiators of comedy band together to show that gosh darnit their rejected material is funny. They will not be silenced! They will not go quietly into the night! They will not go sleepily into the kitchen for a midnight snack! They will not- Wait, What?! They rejected my submission? Are you serious? My joke about biblical rap songs was hilarious! (Noah – Make it rain) I got rejected by the reject column?!

I… I don't know what to say. You know what? Screw you guys! I see how it is, sell outs! Hey that's fine, you guys were becoming too mainstream for me anyways. I needs my comedy raw, uncut, and uncensored. Just like those comedy central guys. They know how its done. They get how comedy is an art form too pure to be marred by "the man" always telling you what to do. And hey, you know what else? I hope your stupid website fails too! Hilarity in, whatever its called. Hilarity in shoes… hehe actually thats kind of funny, cause they're in… and it sounds like.. heh. Wait, no! Its not funny! More like gay-larity in shoes. Yeah high heeled ones. Fags! Think you're so special just because a bunch of people on a comedy site think you're just as funny as the actual professional writers. Psh… you know what? I'm gonna start my own website. Yeah check it out. Its called…



- What did the frat guy say to the other frat guy?
- He said, hey bra I am so conformist, superficial, and uncertain about my sexuality. And a douche.

I Lol the 90's:
- Hey remember back when we used to be kids and we thought all those video games, movies, clothes, and slang were cool? Isn't it funny now to remember them and how compared to modern times they seem silly?

Facebook (lol):
- This week we're going to take a regular situation and interpret it through the media of facebook.
- Its funny because facebook is everyone's own dirty secret and we feel less guilty about stalking people and rubbing one out to pictures of that one girl 2 rows down in Sociology when we read articles about other people doing it.

Oh, and emo people are weird and trying to hook up in college can be awkward sometimes.

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