Normal Kid: Damn man! Did you see that chick? I would hit that 20 ways 'til Christmas!

Fat Kid: Damn man! Did you see that chick? I would crush her.

NK: Hmmm…I don't know what to get. It's all so greasy.
FK: Well I normally get the Double Major Burger with double bacon and cheese. Oh, the cajun mayo is good too if you want.

NK: OK you guys, listen up. The temp is about 75. We should all walk down to the trails and then take a jog.
FK: The grocery store up the street has a sale on mini-donuts. And its air-conditioned.

NK: Oh my God! I ate so much. I think that meal had, like, 500 calories in it.
FK: Ha. Funny you mention 500 calories. This cookie I had today had 500 calories. Well i actually had 2.

NK: Oh yeah! God I forgot how good running feels.
FK: Dude slow down. I just hurled up that burger back there. And my thighs are chafing.

NK: Yeah man, the diet is going great. I had a Slimfast for lunch.
FK: I know man I had two of them with dinner last night, but they just make me thirsty again.

NK: Hey dude, check out my veins bulging out of my arm when I curl this.
FK: Hey dude, check this out. You can almost see the bulge of my biceps through the fat when I curl this.

NK: Let's game it up for a bit. I got GoldenEye, but I need to hit the gym in an hour.
FK: Yeah i got this weird thing with my leg. But let's totally pull the N64 out.

FK: Hmmm I really like this shirt, but I heard that horizontal stripes make you look fatter…
NK: Nope its probably the oreo milkshake you're eating.

NK: Oh God I haven't been to the beach since last summer. Time to get my bronze on.
FK: Yeah it's great. I burn and turn red so it perfectly covers up the stretch marks.