As if the NBA playoffs weren't exciting enough, here are a few more reasons to stay glued to your tv screen.

1) Take a shot everytime an announcer makes the following statements…

- "Defense wins championships."

- "It's still anyones game."

- "Every possession counts."

- "And that's why he's an MVP candidate."

2) Take a shot everytime the "This is where amazing happens" commercial comes on. Two shots everytime the superstar split face commercial comes on.

3) Drink an Irish Car Bomb everytime the Boston Celtics' season turnaround is mentioned.

4) Buzzer beaters should be celebrated with massive amounts of shots and shouts of joy and/or anger.

5) Every minute a white guy is seen playing, pound a shot.

6) Each person chooses one starter from their team of choice. For every foul that player commits, take a shot.

7) Tip-offs can be wagered. ex) "I bet you 3 shots that San Antonio wins the tip-off."

8)  Every gratuitous cheerleader shot, take a shot.

9)  Celebrities will be shown.  Lots of them.  Take a shot when you see one you like.  (You WILL get fucked up)

10) Every win the Denver Nuggets have, get arrested for DUI.