There are many racial stereotypes that have been perpetuated throughout society. Most of which can be categorized as "Holy god, that was just plain racist", "sad but true", and finally "WTF, who even thought of that." I'm here today to give you a brief history of the latter. Now just to avoid any confusion, I'm not here to promote any hate in any discriminatory way, I just want to educate you all on the history of certain racial stereotypes. Let's do this:

1. Why do Jews love bagels? The story of the bagel goes back to the late 19th century. In America, during the recent discovery of diabetes, there was a breakthrough in discovering its origins. Scientists discovered that there was a gene found in the majority of people of Jewish decent, which made them very susceptible to the onset of diabetes. Unfortunately for the Jews who have been diagnosed with the disease, this was also the era of the great doughnut craze of 96'. People were lining up all around the country to get a taste of the delicious circular sugared treats. This angered the Jews as they felt they were being excluded from the events because of their lack of insulin. In 1906, a group of radical Jews began opening their own bakeries which only sold bland or salted donuts made only for Jewish People. Jews staged a protest by eating nothing but these salted donuts. This trend continued even after the donut craze passed. Jews today eat bagels to commemorate and remember the solidarity of their people during this time.

2. Why are Irish people drunks who like to fight? When Irish explorers set out to find land, they discovered Australia. At this time, Australia was infested with kangaroos. Unlike the more docile kangaroos found in Australia today, these kangaroos were pissed off and violent. Many Irish settlers were beaten to death by kangaroos when trying to colonize the land. Remaining surviving colonizers returned to Ireland to warn people of the bouncing fists of rage that awaited them on a far away coast. Training camps were set up for people wanting to go to Australia, teaching them how to defend themselves against the kangaroos. These camps became popular around Ireland and people all around the country learned the defence techniques regardless if they were leaving the country. These techniques are what we call today, boxing. This soon became the national sport of Ireland and everyone in the country learned to box. Oh yeah, Irish people like to drink. So what?

3. Why are Asians good at math? Asians are smart.

4. Why do Germans wear Lederhosen? Let's face facts, the lederhosen is straight up goofy. And for all of you who think "well, people in Germany don't wear lederhosen. It's more of a traditional garment," you are seriously mistaken. You'll understand once you know the facts. Whether under their normal clothes or out for everyone to see, all German people wear lederhosen. In 1944, in anticipation of American attack on their homeland, the Nazis developed a noxious gas that when come in contact with the nether regions, the person would become infertile. However, they accidently released the gas early on their own people and were forced to find an antidote. Since they did not want to kill the prospect of future Nazi babies, they had to work fast. They soon discovered that the anti-impotency strain was found in German cows, or more importantly, their skin. Thus the lederhosen were born. A high-tech, super advanced leather sterility shield, that when worn, blocked the effects of the gas. Although they did find a way to block the virus, they were never able to get rid of the gas from the air. Unfortunately for ze Germans, they must still wear lederhosen today and face ridicule from all countries around the world. Fortunately however, lederhosen has been described as âber comfortable on the sack.