It's my favorite time of the week, it's time for the Weekly WYR. See if you're brave enough to choose a side in what surely are the universe's most difficult quagmires. And remember, if you've got a great WYR, submit it at the bottom of this or any WYR article.

Would You Rather…

  • Age backwards, or relive the same day all your life? From Jackson
  • Walk on water, or or breathe under it? From Truman
  • Sit next to an unshowered hobo, or a Mormon missionary on a cross country flight? From Frank
  • Have both of your hands cut off at once, or have one finger cut off every month until they're all gone? From Mat
  • Put a dildo up your butt, or a piece of floss down your pee hole? From james
  • Have sex with the girl of your dreams knowing that there's a trained sniper aimed at the back of your head with orders to shoot the second you came,, or have sex with the girl of your dreams knowing you would spontaneously combust the second it was over? From Rik
  • Date Susanna Wolff, or marry Susanna Wolff? (because she is beautiful) From Justin

Finally, this week's winner of the F*ck You Courtney Award is Doug, who sent in this.

  • Stay in a committed relationship with the man who loves you and will be a doctor getting paid bank in a couple of years, live with his family for six months because your broke ass can't afford an apartment, then move out and wait for him to finish school so he can come live with you and then propose to you and live happily ever after or complain about being lonely for a couple of months after both of you found the apartment, start becoming intimate with the chef at the restaurant you work at who is 12 years older than you and then f*ck him and have me leave your broke unambitious ass? You wanted to be a starving artist, well, you're not going anywhere with art and I would say you'll be starving but he is a chef. Enjoy his old balls Courtney. From Doug

You hear that Courtney? You piece of sh*t?

If you have a good WYR, submit it below. Check back every Friday to see if yours made the cut.

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