Several kids congregate in a cul-de-sac to divvy up teams for a neighborhood football game. Billy Walsh and Tommy Smith are selected as captains, and Billy is given first pick after correctly guessing the number behind Gavin Johnson's back.

**Billy chooses Gavin Johnson

Kiper's Take: No surprise here as Billy takes Johnson off the board. Walsh has always coveted a big arm that can stretch the field, and that is just what Gavin brings to the table. This was a forgone conclusion after the two reached an agreement yesterday to make Johnson the first overall pick for ten tater tots over the next two weeks.

**Tommy takes Reed Evans

Kiper's Take: Smith really had two options here: take the best player on the board or fill a need. Obviously he chose to fill a need here and selected Evans, who has the nicest football on the block and probably would have taken it and gone home had he lasted past the fourth pick.

**Billy picks Josh Johnson

Kiper's Take: Whoa, this was a reach! I had JJ going no higher than seventh. He can run from the mailbox to the lightpost in under five seconds, but lacks the size to be an elite player at this level. Walsh must be hoping that lining up on the same side of the ball as his brother Gavin may speed up his development.

**Tommy selects Johnny Savage

Kiper's Take: After missing out on Johnson, Tommy went with other elite quarterback in this class, Johnny Savage. Johnny's quick release and accuracy should be a perfect fit for Walsh's West Coast Offense.

**Billy picks Eric Thomas

Kiper's Take: I really like this pick. Weighing in at over 100 lbs, Thomas is the best line prospect in today's draft. His skills best translate to rushing the passer off the edge where he can count to five Mississippi faster than anyone in the neighborhood.

**Tommy chooses Max Rodgers

Kiper's Take: What a steal! This kid's stock has been rising ever since he intercepted two passes in last Thursday's recess. He plays much taller than 4'5", and he has the quickness to be a shutdown corner at the next level.

**Billy picks Mark Kraft

Kiper's Take: The pickings are starting to get slim at this juncture. Kraft has serious health concerns, mostly due to his history of cooties.

**Tommy takes Wendell Blatt

Kiper's Take: Today's Mr. Irrelevant is none other than Wendell Blatt. The overweight asthmatic kid who's only natural position is sitting down. Smith may have been wiser to forfeit his selection and played a man down.

Tune in next week when Kiper analyzes the picks for the recess kickball game.