5:00 am. Id is watching some videos on Youtube, Ego is just chillin and Super-Ego is really flipping out about some paper due in about 4 hours.

Id: Ok, this is the last time I watch the intense chipmunk video and then we can start doing whatever.

Super-Ego: No, absolutely not! You will close that window immediately and start writing the paper NOW!

Ego: Calm down, it's only 5 am.

Super-Ego: Calm down?! CALM DOWN?! There is barely enough time to type it all up!

Ego: Don't be so dramatic, there is more than enough time.

Id: Shut up you two, I'm trying to check my wall posts in peace here.

Super-Ego: WALL POSTS?! That's it! I have said it before and I'll say it again!

Ego: (sigh)

Super-Ego: This has been going on all semester, and I have had it with you! Ego, you indifferent scoundrel, you have permitted this atrocity! You have surrendered your control to thad madman Id, and look what he has done! Fake ID's, weeklong parties and the worst part is, those are the only things we remember!

Id: Whatever dude, I'm going to eat some Doritos.

Super-Ego: SEE?! Whatever I propose is ignored, yet all of Id's requests are granted without a second thought!

Ego: You know what? you're right. By the way, it's 6 am already

Super-Ego has a seizure, reaches for inhaler.

Id: Hey dude, what do you think of the hot chick that sits two rows to the right of us?

Ego: She's pretty cool, but-


Id: Now I feel like watching that video of the screaming german kid again.

Super-Ego: I will not stand for this! I will stop you with my bare hands if I have to!

Super-Ego lunges for Id, who is too quick for himand dodges. Super-Ego lands on his face. Ego and Id hog tie him.

Super-Ego: We must write that paper!!!

Id: Screw you, I'm gonna go check Facebook again and then I'll check CH too, all the while listening to every song in our music library and eating Cheetos like they're healthy! You know why? Because I don't care about the paper!

Super-Ego: (gasp!) By George!

Ego: You two, stop it right now! Id, you're not enjoying yourself and Super-Ego, you are just pissing us off. So shut up. Maybe if we worked together we could finish this paper and have fun.

Id: Whatever, it's 7 am already.

30 minutes later…

Ego: Ok, here's what we've got. Our grandma just came out of the closet, grandpa reacted rather rashly and shot her.

Super-Ego: This is making me sick…

Id: How about we have grandpa go old school on her ass and he hangs her on the town square?

Super-Ego starts gagging.

Id: And then burns her limp carcass?

Super-Ego pukes.

Ego: No, that is too much.

Id: Pussy

Super-Ego: You dimwits, the teacher is never going to believe you!

Id: And why is that, Super-dork?

Super-Ego: Because we already told him she had died!

Id: You're such an moron, we have two grandma's.

Super-Ego: And according to us, they both are dead!

Id and Ego: ohh…

Id: Wait a sec. What if we say one side of our family is mormon?

Ego: That could work…

Super-Ego: Uhhh (passes out)

Ego types up the email, sends it to the teacher.

Id: Alright! Anyway, what was the paper about?

Ego: No idea, some weirdo from Austria.

Id: Huh.

Super-Ego regains consciousness

Super-Ego: Well, this has taught me that if we want to accomplish something, we have to work together, and cooperate with each other. Since we have nothing to do and I am so tired, what would you two like to do?

Id and Ego: Your Mom.