Ah yes, book buy back day. The day that will help me pay for the first few nights of summer drinking. I've got all my books, some in the exact condition I bought them in. Except for Organic Chem, I cut out chapters 13 and 14, that's what the final is on and the exam is not for two days, but they'll never know…
I also "found" a few books in the dining hall that I'm sure the bookstore would like back.

Oh great, there's a line. I'll just keep thinking of all the money I'm going to get. "Oh these, yeah, I took alot of credits this year, no biggie. Yeah, apparantly, I did take gay and lesbian studies this year, don't be a dick bro."

Just a little bit further, these books are heavy. I wonder how I did on those finals? Ah who cares, I'll just tell my dad grades haven't been posted on-line yet, by the time they are, he won't care.

Finally, I'm here. Good afternoon, I have a few books that I would like to sell back. It seems hard to part with them, such good reads, ya know. Student ID? Here you go." Alright, $18.00 for mass comm, ooh, $37.00 for world history. What? $7 for  Psych handbook,  that's gay.  Still got some good ones, this  english book cost $112, I should get bank.  $41,  I guess that will work. Ok, she's going for Organic Chem, just play it cool.  She's looking through it, no problem. BEEP-BEEP.
"What's that noise?" "What do you mean you're not buying this back anymore?" Who cares about a limit? That's rediculous, just let it slide. Fine, then I'll just take my money and go. I'm never shopping here again! Oh next semester? You win this round campus book store….