Thank you.


Thank you. Thank you.


First of all. First of all, I would like to congratulate Senator McCain and Senators Obama and Clinton for their hard-fought campaigns.


Now, now, let's be fair. They both conducted themselves superbly,and they are both admirable Americans: a true war hero and a dedicatedcommunity leader. They both embody the civil virtues that make Americagreat.

(scattered claps)

Now, to be fair, unlike the Senators, I never actually ran for the presidency.

(Raucous cheering)

I understand this, to a large degree, was part of my appeal. Whenthe newspapers and the pollsters asked you "Why do you like Johnny somuch," you responded, in a loud, clear voice, with answers like: "hishumility"


"He's an outsider who can change Washington"


"He's not running for President"


"He's Constitutionally unable to serve due to his age."


"He doesn't want to be President at all."

(Wild, savage cheering)

Now, if I could focus on that point for a just a second. I understand your hunger for someone who isn't craving power…


…please, if you'd just let me get through a thought…anyway, a manwho isn't craving power, or hasn't been turned into a cunning politicalanimal


…Yes, thank you, I appreciate it, but if you could just hold off fora second… I understand, furthermore, that desire to elect someone whoisn't part of, or an instrument of, the left- and right- wing crazieswho think because they speak the loudest, they speak the truest.


And I understand that I must have seemed like that man.


STOP APPLAUDING! Thank you. Sorry for making your baby cry. That's because I'm just a normal man.

(Isolated claps)

Honestly, I'm sorry for yelling before, but stop it. I don't want to be president.


Ok, this is awkward, you can start applauding again.


Thank you. I look out on this crowd today, and I see men and womenof all backgrounds, united. I see America as I have too few times in mylife: united with purpose, united with hope, secure in our ideals. Ijust have no idea what any of this has to do with me.


I don't have any experience, policy positions, or ideas for mycabinet. Let's face it, though, that hasn't stopped anyone before. Butoutside of my public life, which just started today, I have a lot ofstuff going on that I can't just drop and become President for.

(Some dude: "Like what?")

I just started seeing this girl, and I think she's really cool, and I'd like to see where that is heading.

(Girlfriend in crowd: "Hey sweetie! It's me! I'm totally fine with you being President!" – Applause)

Thank you, Emily. Ladies and gentlemen, my girlfriend Emily, withoutwhom I could never have not run for President. But c'mon, I'm 22, whatif I mess everything up?

(New dude: "What if McCain or Obama messes everything up?")

Um. Okay. Well you've got me there.


Our Founding Fathers knew that the ambition of men was a dangerousbut powerful force. So they wrote the Constitution, which harnessedthat power in the federal system of checks and balances. Among theirsmarter ideas was a little one saying you had to be 35 to be President.So, you see, I'm afraid I have you there: I can't be President, it'sConstitutionally impossible until I'm 35. Again, thank you very much,but go home now, and drive safe.

("Johnny! It's me, Antonin Scalia! The Court rules that we're cool with it. Whooo!! Johnny!!!" " Scalia flashes crowd)

Thank you. Antonin Scalia everybody. Say what you will about hisopinions, he's a terrific public speaker. Okay. Well. Let's just say,hypothetically, that I refused to serve? What would happen then?

("You would pick a Vice President and he would be President")

Well, I don't want to just pick a President, that's rather undemocratic.

(Applause " "So then the Speaker of the House would be President")

Huh….eh. No. That would just lead to a lot of people being pissed off at me, I think.

("We could have another election at a massive cost to the public and the risk that they pick someone worse.")

My fellow Americans, I am honored to serve as your President.


And I will hold this against each and every one of you as long as I live.