Hey kids, The Stupid Question Hall of Fame is taking a break for thesummer.  This will be the last edition until September. Enjoy!The Nominees
  • A) University of PittsburghSubmitted by Michael

    Professor: Even today there is still a lot of antisemitism in Hollywood.

    The Brilliance: Wait…How can there be antisemitism in Hollywood, I thought the Jews ran it?

  • B) Auburn UniversitySubmitted by Christopher

    A girl told the professor that she had been to the Vatican…

    Professor: Did you see the Pope?

    : No, The Pope died a couple years ago.

  • C) Buena Vista UniversitySubmitted by Brent

    The class had gotten off topic and the professor was speaking of his tenure track…

    Einstein Jr.: So when you say you have tenure, does that mean it takes ten years?"

  • D) University of Wisconsin Eau ClaireSubmitted by Christopher

    Barbie (sitting at table working on our group paper): Hey, do y'all know how to spell the word ruh-ther?

    Me: Ruh-ther? I don't think I know that word… Can you use it in a sentence?

    Barbie: Ya know, like, somethin or ruh-ther?

  • E) Burlington County CollegeSubmitted by Ryan

    We were dissecting dead earthworms in class.

    Bio Teacher: Make sure you put pins on either side of the worms.

    Genius: Wait, is that to keep them from moving around?


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