Schools out! Are the next three months going to be nothing but pool parties and pizza, or will they suck? Just answer these six simple questions to find out!

Are your parents going on vacation and leaving you home sans babysitter at any point?
Nope (0 points)
Maybe for a night here and there (1 point)
They'll be gone for a whole weekend at some point (2 points)
I have the house all to myself this July (3 points)

If yes, are you going to have a party?
I didn't say yes (0 points)
No, I'm going to respect their wishes (0 points)
Yes. Party at my place. Be there or be square (3 points)

If yes, will there be girls?
I'm not having a party, this question doesn't apply to me (0 points)
No, it's just going to be me and my bros (0 points)
Yes. There will be a ton of totally bodacious babes (3 points)

If yes, nice.
I didn't answer yes. This isn't even a question (0 points)
Yeah, dude (3 points)

Do you know someone who can get you guys beers?
No (0 points)
I know where there's a liquor store I can stand outside and ask people to buy me booze (1 point)
I have a fake ID and plenty of hope (2 points)
My older sibling will get me whatever we need (3 points)

What about neighbors, they're not D-bags are they?
I live next to crabby old people who will call the cops as soon as there are more than two cars parked out front (0 points)
They'll hassle us for making noise once it starts getting late (1 point)
If they have a problem they'll come talk to me like civilized adults (2 points)
No way, they're totally chill (3 points)

Are fireworks legal in your state?
I live somewhere in the Northeast where it's impossible to buy anything fun (0 points)
No, but I live right near the border of a state where they are legal (1 point)
Only sh*tty ones (2 points)
Yeah. I could blow up my whole town if I wanted to (3 points)