You've put a lot of thought into it, and here are the top 5 times you would go back to:

1. The first time you met your freshman roommate.
Why: Little did you know on that fateful day that he would take "sure, I guess country music's alright" as permission to blast Appalachia'sGreatest Hits all year. And sing along. Loudly.

2. The early 1500s.
Why: In the right place, at the right time, you're prettysure you could come up with the heliocentric model of the solar system that started the ScientificRevolution. It's not like it took that much skill (yeah, you heard me right,Copernicus). Sure, people would call you crazy at first, but you understandthat being a visionary comes with a price. I mean, they call you crazy now, butwho's going to be laughing when your macaroni-and-cheese pizza invention hitsthe big time?

3. Marilyn Monroe's apartment in 1955.
Why: To scratch that "Seven Year Itch" you've had since 8th grade US history class. Come to think of it, you do remind yourself a bit of a young JFK

4: Last week when that girl in the laundry room asked if you knew "the worst thing about doing laundry."
Why: So you could've said, "Sock it to me!" And then made out with her. God, you're witty. Nobody pulls off the laundry room pickup like you do, friend. Nobody.

5. That time your 9 grade girlfriend told youher dad had encephalitis and you thought she said syphilis.
Why: You're pretty sure she was kind of upset when youlaughed. As were the other members of her family at the dinner table.Whatever. Laundry room chick was hotter than her anyway.