Do your parents not understand technology? Do they ask you stupid questions? Do they sendyou absurd text messages? Do they even know what a text message is?

If you've got an example of your Parents Just Don't Understanding, send it to parentsjustdontunderstand (at) And, hey, if we publish it, send your parents a link. They probably won't understand what it is.
Because they're stupid.

Whenever my mom finds a website she likes or wants to visit again, she copies the address and pastes it in this word document she has. The word document is 4 pages of website addresses. The best part? It's titled "Website Favorites."
From Alex, Sierra College

My mom was using her laptop when she called me over, complaining that something was wrong. I arrived to find her frantically clicking a "Print This Article" button on a webpage. "It won't print!" she explained. We don't have a printer.
From Diggory, Beijing

I was behind a woman in the self-checkout line of the grocery store who was trying to scan a single donut. It was just an unwrapped donut in a napkin and she didn't understand why the laser wouldn't pick it up.
From Evan, Lipscomb University

My aunt was having computer problems and brought it over for me to fix. She just brought the monitor. And no cords.
From Rebecca

My dad loves watching viral videos, so I sent him a link for the Rick Roll video. He sat there and genuinely enjoyed it. Afterward he reminisced about how he took my Mom to one of his concerts, and thanked me for a trip down memory lane.
From Tory

My dad still uses dial-up. I hope this e-mail makes it before somebody calls my house and the internet dies again.
From Alex