So, you've got that coveted job where you don't really do much but answer phones, huh? The occasional filing of paperwork (which looks like cuneiform to you) makes for an easy and relaxing summer. However, after the first 2 hours of staring at the wall, you might come to realize that your job is not relaxing per se, but just God-awful boring. To liven up the excitement, here are some things to keep around that will keep you busy until 4:00 rolls around.

1. Sugar packets
Being the only young person in the office often provides an unusual coffee situation. You need that constant java IV so you can continue to resemble someone who isn't on their deathbed. However, old people seem to be hardcore about their coffee. They like it black, and when I say black, I mean Samuel L. Jackson mining coal at night black. Your young body needs something to pansy it up a bit. Keep some packets in a drawer so the darkness of the coffee doesn't make you implode.

2. Snack cakes
It's surprising how much food means to an office environment. If there is cake in the conference room, it makes the other employees feel a "disturbance in the force". Keep some to yourself so you always have dessert after lunch and you can gain that summer weight that you despise so much.

3. Space heater
So you're in an office with menopausal nutjobs whose hot-flashes could power a small country? If the AC has been set to "Hard Eskimo Nipples", then the paradox of a heater in the summer may be needed. Keep one under the desk and feel its warmth surround you like your mother's womb.

4. Rolaids/Tums/Gas-X
This is especially true if you share your summer office with another person, particularly one you don't know well. You've finished that fifth cup of coffee when you discover that Mount Vesuvious has relocated to your bowels. The fart building up inside you would peel the wallpaper off the walls. People down the hall would smell it and think something was caught in the air vent. You can also tell that it would be loud… VERY loud. This is the fart that would wake your parasomniac roommate up at night.  You'd better take something.

5. Music
Whether it be an iPod, some CDs, or just a radio, bring along some music to keep the day going. This is also handy if the person down the hall is an avid Nickelback fan (note: Medieval flail may also be useful). Playing your music aloud could disturb others, so it's probably just best to also have headphones. After all, this isn't your career. GTA IV just costs so friggin' much.

With these items, you'd be prepared for any situation, not just monotonous office work. You could also be a hyper, warm, gas monster who enjoys the Beatles casually. If you don't want to bring these things, you could just sit around all day browsing the internet, typing articles for websites like this one.

NOTE TO SELF: Bring air freshener. Office smells like pee…