Let's play a game – OK close your eyes, and think of the music that played in the movie Bio-dome. Can you do it? Now close your eyes and think of the music that plays in Indiana Jones. Wanna know why one works and not the other? Because the Indiana Jones films are LEGENDARY, that's why. If you can look me straight in the eye and disagree with that statement without flinching, I'll take you out to Ruth's Chris Steak House. Seriously, I'm not playing around.

Raiders of the Lost Ark was one of my first adventure movies growing up, and to this day is still one of my undisputed favorites. The formula for a badass hero who gets the crap kicked out of him but still ends up on top has been copied time and time again unsuccessfully – and while there may be many pretenders out there, there's still only one Indiana Jones. When news first broke out about a 4th Indy movie, there was a lot of debate about Ford's age, picking up a classic that needs no continuation, and if Jones would be fist fighting Nazi's in a retirement home (admit it, that would still be awesome). And now after months of nervous anticipation, it's finally here.

On a side note, before Crystal Skull came on, they threw on a quick advertisement before the coming attractions; Harrison Ford in a 'save the rainforest' spot where he literally gets his chest hair waxed. Nice touch, I always like to get a little confused and slightly turned on before a good action movie.

Anyway, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull opens up in 1957. The US is knee deep in the Cold War against our new baddies, the Russians (no more high flying Nazi-defying action). Irina Spalko, a power hungry Soviet, wants Indiana so he can lead her to the all coveted Crystal Skull and unlock its fabled mind-controlling power when it is returned to its temple. Joining the ranks of the good guys is Shia LaBeouf as Mutt Williams, and Karen Allen as Marion Ravenwood; Indy's girl way back from Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Mutt Williams' mother.

Following our heroes through the Amazon, we get plenty of classic Indy action that Spielberg does a solid job of delivering. At some points, the CGI and green screening get a little tiring, but it's still good nonetheless. After a specific scene involving monkeys that I'm not going to get into, the film starts to slope a little towards the "….really?" side. Now now, don't get me wrong. I did NOT dislike the movie – but it's far from it's predecessors in the hall of fame. The plot gets a little 'iffy' as the movie goes on (getting into it too much would spoil it so I won't), and the ending is certainly no exception.

A lot of people are giving it some serious flak, but it's eventually going to be up to you to decide if this movie is worthy of a thumbs up or not. Apparently, Lucas has been talking about the possibility of making more in a 'new series' sort of deal, and if that's his angle then I'm going to be extremely upset.

The bottom line: If this is Lucas' first of a new Indy series in passing the whip onto Shia LaBeouf, then this may be the beginning of the end. However, no matter what you may be hearing about this movie, it's worth a watch. Especially if they DON'T make any more Indiana Jones after this; why not watch the end of a classic series? Yes, Harrison Ford is 65 years old, yes that makes for a little less action, and unfortunately yes it's not as good as the original epics, but guess what? – This is most likely the big guy's last time in the spotlight as Dr. Jones, and just like a hall of fame pitcher being brought out for one last game, you stand, applaud, and pay tribute to a legend.

Like always, leave me enough comments requesting a movie, and I'll go see it!