A bunch of us were waiting at the office watercooler the other day because some chick from marketing was filling up her entire Nalgene bottle when it struck me! Why am I waiting for my cold, refreshing beverage when I could be guzzling it down at the same time as my friends? I ran back to my laptop and started searching for the answer. It didn't take long to find the Octabong.

It was so simple to use. We just attached the tubes to each of the 8 ends and poured the beverage of our choice into each one. Amir thought it'd be funny if we raced! Naturally I won because I can chug water fastest and everyone else was using Pepsi. Not that big of a deal really, some people are just naturally good at things, that's all. Well since that fateful afternoon I've been addicted to the Octabong so I've brought it everywhere I enjoy having a nice cold, refreshing drink.

Other occasions to use the octabong:

    • Aunt Sally's 50th Birthday Bash
    • Cousin's Little League Baseball Game
    • Morning Carpool to Work
    • After a marathon with 7 of your closest friends
    • During a some sort of fraternal mixing event
…or any corporate office gathering!