Puppy kicking is all the rage these days. From Anchorman to viral Web ads, everyone is punting puppies! Who can blame them? Puppies are lightweight, aerodynamic and they make the most adorable "yelp" when your foot makes contact with their bodies. Just answer these six simple questions to find out how far you could kick a puppy!

Measure your kicking leg. How long is it? Estimate if necessary.
27 inches or less (0 points)
28 – 30 inches (1 point)
31 – 33 inches (2 points)
34 inches or more (3 points)

How much do you love puppies?
OMG, I love puppies sooooo much! I want to hug every puppy in the world (0 points)
A lot and I've had or have pet puppies (1 point)
Puppies are OK (2 points)
Their disproportionate bodies offend me (3 points)

What are your quads like?
They're severely atrophied from years of sitting on the couch and watching Planet's Funniest Animals (0 points)
Pretty skinny, I look great in a bathing suit (1 point)
I don't know, normal? (2 points)
F*cking tree trunks (3 points)

Does the way a puppy stares at you with admiration and joy as you wind up for a kick bother you?
Awwwwww! That's so cute. I love this hypothetical puppy! I could never hurt it. (0 points)
It does tug on my heart strings a bit (1 point)
It's just an animal, it doesn't understand concepts like admiration or love. It does not affect me (2 points)
It only makes me want to kick harder (3 points)

Puppy kicking is 30% physical, 30% mental and 40% form. Do you have any kicking experience?
I can't move my legs (0 points)
I've never played any organized kicking sports, but I've kicked stuff before (1 point)
I was the field goal kicker on my high school football team (2 points)
I play soccer all the time (3 points)

How big is your heart?
As big as a hot air balloon! (0 points)
We all know qualities like love can't be measured by traditional scientific methods. (1 point)
I try to be a good person, but I could definitely be better (2 points)
The Internet says the average heart is about the size of a clenched fist, so I guess that (3 points)