Everyone loves a birthday, right? Well, around here we make a big deal out of them. It just so happens that today is a big office birthday – Josh, the man behind BustedTees, is turning 26. Won't you help us celebrate?

Josh, or JMo as he's known, has a habit of messing with everyone in the office. He lights hair on fire, steals personal belongings and routinely ruins important meetings with crude drawings. He also hates – hates – answering the same questions about a few of our more confusing or controversial shirts. So, do us a solid and call him up on the number below and say something close to one of the following things…

  • "Your 'Jesus Hates the Yankees' shirt is offensive to me as a Christian. I'd like you to stop selling it at once."
  • "You have the wrong form of the word 'you're' on your 'Your Retarded' shirt. You should have the Y-O-U-apostrophe-R-E one, which stands for 'You Are.'
  • "You have the wrong flag on your 'Greece' shirt. That flag is the United Kingdom's flag, not Greece's."
The number to call is (718)701-5863.

Thanks, everyone!