Dish #1: Watermelon

Ingredients: Rock

1. Throw the rock at a supermarket window.

2. Climb through the window.

3. Take the watermelon.

Dish #2: Watermelon

Ingredients: Timber

1. Go to the local hardware store. Buy nails.

2. Make a table.

3. Throw the table at a supermarket window.

4. Climb through the window.

5. Take the watermelon.

Dish #3: Doughnuts

Ingredients: Starfish with extra good suction

1. Throw the starfish at a supermarket window.

2. Pull the starfish off the supermarket window, taking the window with it.

3. Climb through the window.

4. Take the doughnuts (next to the watermelon).

Dish #4: Doughnuts, Watermelon

Ingredients: A watermelon, cell phone

1. Throw the watermelon at a supermarket window.

2. Call the police.

3. Steal a doughnut from the officer.

4. Run with the watermelon.