Craigslist is great service for finding people, private engagements, things, or private engagments with people's things. More than potential scams or anonymous STD's, it provides inspiration. Know you want to cut an album, but can't think of good song names (how else are you going to know what lyrics to write)? Craigslist is here to help. This edition of title-assistance comes from Ann Arbor Michigan's missed connections.

Fake Band Name: Great is Enough
Fake Album Name: Ann's Arbor Day

Track Listing
Black Pearl
Is it more than I saw
Oh so pretty at The Produce Station
Looking for Mel
U were the 3 headed girl with the giraffe tongue
Burgundy Mountaineer
the girl with back pain
Held Back By the Ghost of You
Horoscopes and Alcohol

Bonus Hidden Track: sunday zombie book chocolate milk