January 13th, 1947

An African-American family of three sits at small dinner table in their modest suburban home.

Marty-Dad, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about something.

Dad-What’s that scout?

Marty-Well, it's about me starting full-time at the shop next month.

Dad- What about it?

Marty-I don't think I can do it.

(The room goes silent. Mr. King stares indignantly at his near-empty plate)

Dad- Well why the hell not?

Marty-I think I want to be a civil rights leader.

(The room falls silent again.)

Dad-A what? You want to be a what?

Marty-A civil rights leader Dad, I want to help people. I want to bring people together

Dad-Just like that, huh? I train you in the family business for seven years so you can be a civil rights leader, whatever the hell that is. 

Mom- Martin please. Remember what Dr. Perkins said about your blood pressure.

Dad-What’s wrong with fixing scooters? You think you’re too good to do what I do?

Marty-No Dad, that’s not what I mean. I just…I just feel like there’s something more out there for me. I feel like I’m being called to do something bigger with my life.

Dad-Something bigger? (He turns to his wife) He wants to do something bigger. Bigger than fixing scooters?

Marty-It’s not that Dad, I just…

Dad-My own boy turns his back on me. Turns his back on his own family.

Mom-(To Marty) Maybe you should just let it go for tonight honey. Your Dad's tired, he’s had a long day at the scooter garage.

Marty-I’m sorry Dad. I didn’t mean to upset you or Mom. If the scooter business is what you want for me, of course it’s what I’ll do. I wish I’d never even brought this up.

Mom-It’s alright dear. Why don’t you go wash up for bed.

Marty-Alright. Goodnight Mom, goodnight Dad.

(Marty leaves the table)

Dad-That kid.

Mom-He’ll be fine dear. A good night's sleep and he’ll forget all about this civil rights nonsense.

Dad-Well, I hope you're right.

(Mrs. King sits suggestively on Mr. King's lap)

Mom-You know, he reminds me a lot of someone I know when they were that age.

Dad-Oh does he Mrs. King?

Mom-Somone who I think is still very sexy, and who might just get lucky tonight if he helps with the dishes.

Dad- Is that so Mrs. King?

(The two share a kiss, but Mr. King pulls it short.)

Dad-I'm sorry, I'm just worried about that boy of ours.

Mom-Don't worry sweetie, I have a hunch he’ll make us all very proud.

And he would…