: Workin' hard there, Butt?

Butt: Not really. He's been on the couch for hours, but it's pretty mindless work.

Feet: I think everyone is pretty wiped. I heard Liver shouting earlier about how "if he wants any alcohol tonight you can metabolize it your damn selves!"

Butt: You know how he gets.


Brain: Hey guys, listen up a sec? Everyone has been really busting it lately. It's been a hell of a week, so looks like we're going to take it easy tonight and stay in.

: Awesome! Hey, you hear that, Balls? Brain just called it. He's not going out. Looks like we'll be working together tonight!

Balls: Excelsior!


Liver: Will you shut the ef up, Stomach! I'm trying to get some rest

Stomach: Oh calm down dude. You got the night off. I'm just starving. Where the hell is some dinne…oh wait. Here comes something. A brownie?

Mouth: I know, I thought it was weird too.

Stomach: Whatever, I'll take what I can get. Let's see what we have here, some saturated fats…sugars, nice…some decent starches…a, hang on. HELLO, what's this? This isn't my call, but I swear there's THC in here.

Red Blood Cells: Good catch, Stomach. But you know we gotta run that upstairs.

Stomach: You guys are so corrupt. We know you probably keep most of this stuff yourselves.


Balls: I love you, Hand.

Hand: Shhhhh…..

: If I were a kitten, I'd be purring right now. You're the best.


Ears: Eyes, what's up? We just lost the picture.

Eyes: Sorry, I keep falling down.

Ears: Well if this was 1890 and he was rocking out to a phonograph, we'd be fine. But he's playing friggin' GTA4, so stay with it!

Eyes: Sorry, sorry. He just had an energy drink, so I'll be alright.


Liver: What the F*CK is this? Are you kidding me? I FINALLY get a night to myself…

Stomach: Whoa, buddy, what's going on? What's the matter?

Liver: That was an alcoholic energy drink, you prick! I spend 6 nights a week processing toxins for you ungrateful assholes, and I get ONE night off.

Stomach: I'm sorry man, I didn't even know! Mouth had no idea!


Balls: Everyone? Hand and I have a very important announcement.

: We're going away together.

Skeletal System: Um, you can't do that.

Balls: Don't judge our love! You said the same thing about Mouth and Penis!

Mouth and Penis: SHUT UP about that!


Brain: Hey everyone, i know it's early, but I'm gonna start shutting things down. Wrap up whatever you're doing.

Balls: I don't want this night to ever end.


Brain: Nice, everyone looks so peaceful. Initiating sleep sequence in 5-4-3-2…

(Leg randomly kicks in the air)

Everything: Whoa!

Leg: Sorry. Just restless.