Leaving behind the comforting warmth of our computer monitors, a few CH'ers are venturing out onto the stage this week.  If you're in New York City, make sure you come check out both of these historic shows.  Even if you're not in New York, we'll send an intern out to pick you up, drive you to the show, tell you what parts to laugh at and then drop you safe and sound at your door.  Or not.  Either way, you should come check the shows out if for no other reason than Jake may cast a lusty eye your way from the bright lights of the stage, you lucky thing. 

Tonight – Jake and Amir's first live performance ever will take place at the Street Meat comedy show at Cake Shop (152 Ludlow, 8 PM).  If you're not aware already, Jake and Amir make their own short videos, some of which we feature on CH as Hardly Workings, but most of which live on their site.  Jake has already assured me that, "please, don't promise anything ok?" so I can safely say that you're guaranteed to laugh harder than you've ever laughed before.  The show is free but you best be 21 if you want to get in. 

Wednesday –
Jeff and I will take the stage at Comix (353 West 14th, 8 PM) as part of The Rejection Show.  We'll be presenting some of our favorite rejected CollegeHumor material – pictures and videos – and, as a bonus, one of our favorite comics, Pete Holmes, is presenting his own rejected material as well.  Jeff and I have done this show a few times but luckily we have so much to reject every day we'll have a whole new batch of garbage to make fun of!  Tickets are $15, but if you use this super secret discount code you can get in for $10.  Go here and enter code 'JFRS' to get the discount. 

See you there!