Executive 1:  Ok, we need a new show for next season
Executive 2:  Flava Flav still with that skank?
Executive 1:  No, but he's had 2 more kids and hes engaged to a wildebeast Executive 2:  What about that rocker guy, axel or sebastian whatever… is he with whatever groupie ho from last season?
Executive 1:  No, he dumped her immediately after making the crazy bitch fall in love with him
Executive 2:  Hmm… What about all the rejected bitches from these shows that thought they were going to have careers after, I'm sure they are all looking for jobs
Executive 1: How about we have them get together with a drill instructor, former stripper, and Will Ben Stein and see how much weight they can lose by excercising their body and mind
Executive 2: Well, we have actually done some prelimary tests with that show and the problem is that the ones that strip can't read and no one wants to see the ones who can read strip
Executive 1:  How bout we put them on a deserted island with nerds and gorillas and see who they mate with.  We can call it America's first social AND Scientific study.  
Executive 2: Its been done, how do you think Thing 1 and Thing 2 got here.  Freak hybrid clones from a gorilla experiment. 
Executive 1: How about we just give them money and booze and let them just get naked and fight
Executive 2: …Perfect