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Do you remember last year when your violin got "stolen?" I don't care if it was the only thing that your Grandfather left you, everyone got sick of hearing it. Also, the reason the neck warped and eventually came apart on your really expensive guitar wasn't because you got a bad one, it's because I loosened the truss rod, you sucked anyways, I did you a favor.
Derek, School Not Given

This goes out to the entire Mac Issaac house, I believe the statute of limitations is up on this so I can finally confess. After you boys stole our pool balls, I had some liquid courage and stole the stereo out of your lounge and then threw it out the window. The stereo went right through Ralph's mercedes windshield, unintentional but it was still wicked.
Garrett, School Not Given

I don't have a roommate, but in the barracks I share a bathroom with another marine. I work nights (1600-0200) and the guy next door is always blaring his god damn rap music waking me up and just pissing me off in general. I said something to him a couple of times about not waking me up and it didn't stop. One day when I got off of work, I got a giant envelope and filled it with an entire bottle of shaving cream. I slipped the open end underneath his door, and jumped on it sending a shit load of shaving cream all over his shit. He moved to another room the next day.
Semper, USMC

My roommate was one of those preachy christian kids who is a total hypocrite. He would come out and lecture us on the evils of drinking and porno and all that, but then we'd hear him in his room watching softcore porn on skinemax most nights. So, one night we hid a video camera in the room and caught him whacking it; instead of confronting him and getting short-term pleasure, we burned it to a DVD and mailed it to his mom.
Marc, School Not Given

So I lived with 2 other roommates and one of their girlfriends (was considered a roommate because she would never leave). I was good friends with the girlfriend until she betrayed me and told the girl who I was dating that I had hooked up with someone else. This might or might not be true but she should have kept her mouth shut. Anyways she always use to read her boyfriend's text messages, so I went into his phone and changed the name of my number to say the name of his ex girlfriends. For about a week I sent him dirty messages and saying I still love you and stuff. He actually would reply and other times she would. But one day I came home and they were fighting and she was crying. He later told me that they broke up because she would read his text messages. To this day she still loves him and thinks that it was her fault they broke up. And by the way he is now dating one of his exs. I don't feel bad at all.
Anonymous, Georgia Tech

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