Back in the day, apples were peaceful creatures just hanging and growing from apple trees. Eventually, word got out that there were these odd little apples that wanted to grow on either pine tree (not to be confused with spruce, mind you) or on the ground. As legend has it, the apples from one particular tree nestled in a grove of pine trees, asked Old Piney (those little apples called the biggest pine tree Old Piney for some reason…) if they could lessen the load of their own tree by clinging on to the great old pine. Of course the pine tree replied, "Woah! Talking apples! Anyhow, I don't really have much room for any of you", CLUNK (an apple just fell of…) "As I was saying, I can help both of us out. You see, your tree can barely support the weight of you all, and these needles are weighing me down. I can shed some needles and you apples can hide in them".
The old apple tree and all its inhabitants agreed that would be best for all. Several apples hopped down from their previous positions and nestled themselves deep into the pine needles, protected from any predators. This process went on for many a year till that old pine tree was just about dead. Well, the pine tree and apple folk saw what was going on and wondered what they should do, so they thought for a good while, and eventually came up with an idea. Well, their plan was to have the apples venture out west a good way 'till they found a different way to protect themselves. Well, wouldn't you know it, but an avocado came rolling along from the land of the west and said, "Man, that was a long trip!"
All the apples in the tree and also on the ground said, "Domo arigato, Mr. Avocado!" Well, that old avocado just rolled off into the distance because he didn't feel like laughing at that stupid joke.
Anyhow, the apples decided to migrate to a warmer spot. When they got there, they wondered, "Now that we're here, how are we going to be protected from preda…" CHOMP well, all the other apples scattered out of that place, and most died off because of the cold, but the smarter/luckier ones found protection in these little spiky plants growing in the ground.
Well, I suppose they liked the idea of looking like a tough piece off ruit that could really put the hurt to you, so they stuck with those spiky plants. Eventually, a lizard came up and asked the apples, "Well, I see you've got a good idea about the spiky plant protection, but wouldn't you want to keep your hide thick, safe, and scaly like mine? It really helps fend off the riff raff." The apples then decided to take the lizard's advice and eventually found out how to grow scales.
Now that they looked about like they could kill you, some little animal, in desperate need of food decided to catch a pineapple and skin it out. Well, little did he know that the pineapple would be so delicious… He ate and ate for hours until he was stuffed. Well, word slipped out about this "new fruit", so people began to harvest them and plant them. After a few generations of cultivation, we get the pineapples of today.
So I reckon the moral of this story is that if you're an apple (of any sort), you're most likely to get eaten, or go through a bunch of pointless steps to lessen the chance of being consumed, but you will eventually be discovered.