Robert Lawrence could not be more excited. He had just received a brand new speak and type program for his computer. Robert typed a lot and his hands were beginning to look like The Mysterious Monkey's Claw from all the time he spent pounding away at the keyboard. This new program was great! It really does type everything that he says perfectly. Weiner-face.

"This is going to change my life!" thought Robert. "Now I can probably pump out four or five books per month instead of a measly two or three. My creativity knows no bounds!"

Suddenly, a strange feeling began to come over Robert. He felt lightheaded and broke out in a cold sweat.

"I've got to slow down." Robert thought. "All this excitement is making me feel queasy."

As the nausea grew, suddenly Robert felt a spirit posses his arm. It was the spirit of pain! He yelled in agony as the ghoul wreaked havoc on his left arm. He could barely move when he felt another ghost attack him! Robert was knocked off his chair with a swift blow to the chest. He was laying on the floor beneath his computer desk when suddenly he felt one of the apparitions standing on his chest. For a ghost, he was sure heavy! It felt like the entire house was on top of him.

"How am I going to stop these ghosts from attacking me?" Robert thought. He searched his brain for an answer, and then it hit him out of thin air.

"Twist ending," the lightbulb formed over his head "this is all just a dream."

Robert Lawrence pinched himself with all the might he could muster from his weakening body.


He tried again, but the pressure on his chest only grew.

This was not a dream.

"Oh shit!" Robert said out loud. "I better get some help."

"Is anybody out there! Somebody call 911! Please I need help! Jane, where are you?!"

His calls for help went unanswered. Robert grew weaker and his voice began to fade. Could this be the end of Robert Lawrence Sti

What will happen to Robert? Find out in next month's exciting tale.
Speak and Type…And Die! Available from Scholastic. Written by R.L. Stine (completed by his wife, Jane Waldhorn)