Sup, bro. Word on the street is that there's gonna be a real rager at the Zeta house tonight. It's gonna be so rad. Just answer these simple questions to find out if you're going to get drunk and start breaking things, or just chill by the wall all night!

You're at a party and you don't know anyone, you:
Stand by the beer pong table and pretend to be interested (0 points)
Mingle a little bit, ask people their major (1 point)
Make lots of great new friends, forget their names in the morning (2 points)
Chug, and encourage others to chug. Cheer after they've chugged (3 points)

What's your keg etiquette like?
Hang around for ten minutes after you've gotten your drunk to pump for people (0 points)
Fill your cup and pump for the next person in line (1 point)
Nonchalantly start conversation with the second person in line to cut everyone else (2 points)
Steal the closest keg to the door and sneak into your dorm (3 points)

How do you approach an attractive member of the opposite sex that you'd like to get to know?
Walk by them over and over, each time telling yourself that you're really gonna talk to them this time (0 points)
Say hi, talk for a little bit, then get scared and walk away (1 point)
Straight up ask if they want to make out (2 points)
Wait for a song with a phat beat then just start grinding on them (3 points)

There's a huge line for the bathroom, where do you pee?
Go back to my dorm to pee and call it a night (0 points)
Wait in line, complain to other people in line about the line (1 point)
In the great outdoors, the backyard (2 points)
In the least populated corner of the basement (3 points)

You've been at the party a while now and getting pretty hammered. What's drunk you like?
Tired (0 points)
Drunk me likes to dance (1 point)
Not sure. I usually check facebook for new tagged pictures the next day. That's how I find out what I did (2 points)
Drunk me likes to start smash stuff until he gets kicked out of the party. On the way home, he'll steal the most random things he can find (3 points)

One of your friends has gotten too drunk, what do you do?
Make him drink lots of water and sleep on his stomach (0 points)
Find someone else who will take care of him (1 point)
Draw all over him (2 points)
Leave him behind, find new friends (3 points)