Gaia enters the meeting room on Hope Island, several Planeteers are seated and looking confused

Gaia: I was told there was "urgent news", what is plaguing our beautiful earth this time?

Wheeler: We all got notes saying that there was free cake in the meeting room

Ma-Ti, the 5th Planeteer enters

Ma-Ti: Hello everyone, I sent the notes, I wanted to speak to you all about something incredibly important

Kwame: What is wrong Ma-Ti? Is there an oil spill? Is someone dumping toxic waste?

Ma-Ti: No, actually, I wanted to talk about the power of the planeteer rings…

Linka: Have the Eco-villains used their corrupt planet rings to summon Captain Pollution?? We must act quic-

Ma-Ti: No! no no no, it's not that…look, remember last week when we were trying to stop Hoggish Greedly and his pollution cannon? Well I couldn't really do anything to help with my ring.  I just feel…like a 5th wheel, you know?

Gi: A 5th wheel?  But Ma-Ti, every member of the team is a special thread in the tapestry of-

Ma-Ti: Yeah yeah, don't gimme that "the-more-you-know" crap, Gi.  Look I'm tired of beating around the bush, why the hell am I the one who's stuck with the "heart" ring?

long silence

Gaia: Stuck? Ma-Ti, you are a valued member of the planeteers, and everyone's ring of power is unique, yet equal in its ability.

Ma-Ti: Cork it, Gaia, you're not even human, you wouldn't understand.

Wheeler: What's to understand?

Ma-Ti: What are you, serious? YOUR ring can control and shoot fire! Gi can control water, Kwame can make earthquakes, Linka can throw hurricane winds, and all I get is the ability to talk to my pet monkey?  Yeah that's really helpful in the chaotic BS scenarios that we get into all the time.  Oh yeah, and that monkey doesn't defecate in my bed every night or anything.

Kwame: But you are the soul of the team! without you, we couldn't be able to summon captain planet!

Ma-Ti: mocks voice*butwewouldnbeabletasummoncaptainplanetttt.  Look, it's a RING.  You can leave it on your pinky finger and get the summoning job done.

Linka: You need to calm down.

Ma-Ti: That's really easy for you to say!  When you used your ring to blow all Greedly's pollution out of the air I got slammed in the head by a pipe in the storm debris.

Wheeler: We didn't notice that?

Ma-Ti: I was unconscious for 6 hours!! Why can't I just have a ring with a power that doesn't suck, there are other elements, right?  What about lightning?  I'm pretty sure that would take care of any problem we'd have to face in like 3 minutes…or ice! I'd even take ice over this!

Gi: But Ma-Ti, Ice is just frozen water, and I already-

Ma-Ti: Oh forget it! None of you understand…I just don't want to be the loser stuck with a loser ring. *starts crying

Wheeler: Listen Ti-bone…I know how you're feeling…but you shouldn't feel weak, because you're not.  We're a team, and no matter how you look at it, you've helped save our butts on tons of occasions.  No one person is better than any other, even if it doesn't seem like it.  Even the strongest body can't survive without a heart, and in my opinion, that's why the heart ring is the most important of all.

Ma-Ti: sniffs Really? I mean..would you wanna switch rings with me for a little bit if that's how you feel?

Wheeler: Hell no, I'm not a pussy.