Computer:ˆey modem, want to hook me up to some AOL?

Modem:Sure dude, I just have to make a few annoying noises and we're set…okay done.

Computer:Great modem, okay, oh look there is mail…hrm…all spam, oh, user: Shaun was tagged in a video on facebook.Oh no, modem how you feeling today?

Modem:Okay, um, why?

Computer:User: Shaun seems to want to watch this video.

Modem:oh god…um…okay.I think I'll be good.Let me direct you over to the site.How are things looking?

Computer:Oh, i think we're good, the video is only 15 seconds long.

Modem:Thank god.Remember when he tried watching the Dark Knight trailer months ago, I thought we were going to explode.

Computer: Yeah, that was chaotic.Uh oh.Looks like User: Shaun wants to go on MSN.

Modem:It's fine, allow it.I'm barely working, I can handle a bit more work.So, I was thinking that


(long pause)


Modem:Fuck!Some douchbag just called we got disconnected.Was the video loaded yet?

Computer:It only got to 50%.Crap, user Shaun wants to log on again.

Modem:Fuck him and fuck this.Cover for me.



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