Employee: Welcome to Taco Bell, how may I help you?

Customer: Uh, hi. Um, I'm sorry, just give me a second, it's my first time here.

Employee: Take your time, sir.

Customer: Ok, I heard your Chalupas are good, what exactly is that?

Employee: Well, it's just like a taco, but instead of a tortilla it comes in a deep-fried flatbread.

Customer: How about a Gordita?

Employee: It's pretty much a pita bread taco.

Customer: Ok, um what sides come with the value meal?

Employee: You get your choice of either a soft or hard shell taco.

Customer: Really?

Employee: Yes, sir.

Customer: So, with a deep-fried taco, or a pita bread taco I get a regular taco?

Employee: Well, the whole Chalupa isn't deep-fried, just the bread…but yes, you get your choice of hard or soft shell taco.

Customer: All right, how about a Taco Salad, what comes with that? Some beans? Rice? Corn?

Employee: You get your choice of a soft or hard shell taco.

Customer: You mean the thing you just reverse engineered and put on my plate, you just put one back together and put it on the side?

Employee: Well, we don't actually take a taco apart for the salad. We just make it that way.

Customer: Yeah…

Employee: Any other questions, sir?

Customer: Three Taco Meal?

Employee: Fourth taco.