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JoseCanYouSee335: Hey guys! Thanks for coming, I love talking about steroids!

StocksAndBonds74: I just had arguably the best career of anyprofessional baseball player ever. Some people believe me when I sayI've never knowingly taken steroids, despite my enormous head and bodygrowth, mean temperance, shrunken testicles, and extreme spike inon-field performance at an unnatural age! LOL. Oh and so what mylong-time girlfriend (a.k.a. not the same woman as my wife) claims thatI had become like the Incredible Hulk and had no sex drive to speak of,that proves nothing!

RaffyPal36: I have never taken steroids. Never. I showedcongress who was boss when I waved my finger in front of them. I know Itested positive for steroids a few weeks later, but that was sooooolame. I've never taken steroids.

SlamminSammy34: I am from the Dominican Republic. Even though Ihave spoken perfect English for decades, all of a sudden when the topicof steroids comes up, I speak a broken Spanglish that would makeShakira blush. Remember that time I corked my bat and it broke during agame! LOL so embarrassing!

BIGMAC25: I am not here to talk about the past, namely steroids.I have always had a big head and huge muscles. So I hit a ridiculousamount of home runs during a time that most players were takingsteroids, there's no way I will admit it. Oh big whoop, I used to hangout with Jose Canseco all the time, we were just friends! Peace out.

JoseCanYouSee335: Hey bros, just checking in. Don't forget, hugesteroids party at my house on Friday at 8! BYOS (Bring Your OwnSyringe). Steroids will be provided. We are probably going to play Pinthe Syringe on the Donkey's Butt, Seven Minutes in Steroid Heaven, Spinthe Vile of HGH, and other fun games!

LyinBrianMcNamee356: Hey anybody need some juice? I got all thegoods, just don't expect me to lie for you under oath! LOL I trainedwith Roger Clemens, Andy Pettitte, and many others. All of whomexperienced a career changing advantage due to my junk. Steroidspusher? Not me sir. I like to call myself an "Excellence DistributionEngineer".

xoMOVAUGHNox: I had great seasons in Boston, and my body andstatistics suspiciously broke down during seasons I stopped usingsteroids. Remember when I rode around Fenway on that horse when we wonthe AL East? The horse almost couldn't hold me! LOL God I am so fat.

ARod4MVP:WTF Canseco. I told you to stop inviting me to these rooms!

TheGreatGiambino: I cheated for years by using steroids. Mybadass aura and chiseled physique was no secret, but my love foranabolic extras most certainly was. The tattoos, goatee, and MVP awardswere all just window dressing to my dark demons. Did you guys like whenI "apologized" this year for doing "that stuff", the public had no ideawhat I was talking about! HAHAHAHA so funny. Text me later bros.


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JoseCanYouSee335: If anyone is interested in doing some steroids tonight press 234.

HelenOfTroyGLAUS: 234.

GAGNEwiththewind: 234! I'm a terrible pitcher, with even worse facial hair during my post-steroids period.

Tejada_they_fall: My MVP seasons were seriously aided by myusage. I suspiciously ran away from the country during thecongressional hearings on steroids this year. I am being tried forperjury, yet still playing baseball and making millions! God BlessAmerica!

Knoblauchin'OnHeavensDoor: No matter how many syringes to thebum I took, I still can't properly throw to first base! I am such ahead case! Oh, and my stance is easily the worst in the history ofMajor League Baseball.

ROIDgerClemenz: Howdy fellas. Just got back from the grocerystore, or was it the post office? I misremember! But what I do rememberis a really funny story about how in the 1986 World Series I was a hugepansy and came out of the game early because of a "blister", and makingBilly Buckner take the blame for the entire game! (cough cough I'm acoward cough cough). From there, I went on to pitch a few meaninglessyears for that team in Boston, and once the GM Dan Duquette said I wasin the "twilight of my career" I knew what I had to do. STEROIDS! Goodol' delicious, heart-pounding, adrenaline-boosting, pectoral-growing,testical-shrinking, career-fabricating, wife-enhancing, rage-inducing,congress-bothering, jail time-warranting steroids! Since then I've won6 Cy Young awards, 2 World Series, and the respect of my fellowballplayers. It was all due to seedy underground shoot-ups. My favoritemoment had to be when my butt was bleeding after one of my steroidpricks, and I had to wear a bandage diaper to a team dinner! Anyway, ifyou guys are looking for something fun to do in your career, definitelyundermine the love and admiration of thousands of fans, it's a blast!Oh and totally pretend to be something you aren't, and never actuallybe the role model you present yourself as. Don't tell anyone I was inhere. I love you boys, thanks for letting me vent!

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