June 26th 2008

What a glorious morning! This earth was made for battle, not only because of its perfectly symmetrical black and white squares! Ah, to be the unit directly in front of the King himself! Oh, mother would be so proud!

June 27th 2008

The battle commenced today, and guess who was the first unit off? You guessed it! Mother would be so proud of my two square hop, why, I could rival the knight himself! I wonder how the enemy will react to such a bold move?

June 28th 2008

So, this enemy isn't to be underestimated! They discovered one of my weak spots. As we speak a rival pawn is standing right in front of me, glaring down at me as I write. So I'm stuck here until the bastard moves, or is killed.

June 29th 2008

I'm shocked to see the rival pawn is still alive. I'm being protected by one of my fellow pawns, his name is John, great guy really. Anyway the bastard is being protected by one of his fellow pawns, so it might be a little longer than I originally thought it would take for me to move.

June 30th 2008

Great! Now the pawn that was protecting the bastard blocking my path is being protected. Ugh. This isn't so bad, kill three pawns and I'm out of here! Peace of cake!

July 1st 2008

Well I spoke to the pawn in front of me. His name is Bill. Nice guy actually. He's as frustrated as I am.

July 2nd 2008

Nothing today

July 3rd 2008


July 4th 2008


July 5th 2008

Considering suicide

July 6th 2008

I'll write when something interesting happens.

December 25th 2008

Well, a pawn just moved diagonal of me, and the commander decided to ignore that fact and kill the opponent's queen instead. The bastard. He leaves me here for 5 freaking months just to let me be killed off by some opponent pawn. My protection is gone, my death is certain. Bill died about 2 months back. I miss that old bastard. They say war is hell, but I didn't realize this is the kind of hell they meant…