Joe: Hey babe! Guess what! I finally got a job interview!

Joe's GF: Aw, I'm so proud of you! After a year of hard work, you finally got one!

Joe: I would like to thank you for supporting me through my year of unemployment. Now, I'm gonna be able to support myself!

Joe's GF: Finally…

Joe: What was that?

Joe's GF:Nothing… What do you think got them?

Joe: I think the fact that I live on "God's green ass mother f*cking earth".

Joe's GF: That's a winner ever time.

Joe: Alright, I got to go to my interview now. Watch me nail this like a screwdriver.

(Later, in the waiting room)

Joe: Hi, I'm Joe, I'm here for the job interview.

Oh… Joe? Can you hold on a second? (Yells to the office) Hey! The guy with the horrible application is here! He actually thought he had a chance! (everyone in the office laughs at him)

Joe: Wait… What's going on here?

Boss: Haha, he lives on "God's green ass mother f*cking earth". What a weirdo.

Receptionist: All we wanted to do was to see if you were serious or not, or if you were even real.

Joe: Dammit. Not again…