How's this for entrepreneuring. I'm starting my own business. This business is the model of efficiency and profits.

This business is putting flyers underneath the windshield wipers of cars.

It's"can't miss" in that people are in their cars a lot. And they can't notsee flyers underneath their windshield wipers when they're in saidcars. So, I've already reached my target audience. This is muchpreferable to the old guard and what I call "their old ways of doingthings", i.e., rubber-banding flyers around doorknobs. Science hasproved that this simply doesn't work. People just turn the knob andkeep right on going. It's almost as if the flyer isn't even there! And,for those limited times in which they do acknowledge the rubber-bandedflyer, it's usually just to throw it on the ground. Where it can getstepped on! Is that any way to gain flyer visibility? On the groundwith muddy footprints on it? I don't think so. You wouldn't even beable to read it!

When a flyer is underneath a windshieldwiper, the person can always see it. This is just simpleacknowledgement that glass is see-through. And as you see through, theflyers beckon. "Take me out from underneath your windshield wiper so Ican be read!"

Which brings me to my most convincing point. Let's face it, there are red lights everywhere.People need something to do at a red light. That something is certainlygoing to be reading the flyers I place underneath your windshieldwiper.

I know what you're thinking. What if it rains? Ah hah!This just gives the driver more urgency to obtain the flyer before itgets wet and the pen ink stains their windshield! It just means my ideaworks faster and therefore better. So, in a way, I'll be praying forrain. Not the normal type of praying wish, I know, but God has tolisten regardless. And maybe just this once he happens to hear myprayer for rain and think, "You know what, it hasn't rained in a while,I suppose now's as good a time as any." And I'll be waiting. Flyers inhands-clasped in prayer mode hands. Near a car. With a windshield.

And windshield wipers.