What Facebookers Think Joining Those Petition Groups is Doing

Aid runs into president's office

Aid: Mr. President, our Facebook analysis experts have just determined that the Facebook group "15,000,000 to lower gas prices" has reached about 2 million!

President: Sweet Jesus! This is getting out of hand! What about the comment board?

Aid: It's brutal, sir. Joe Smith from UCF writes, "Gas prices suck" and then Brian Parker replied, "Word".

President: For the love of everything that's holy… Did you check the picture section?

Aid: Yes and you're not going to like it. As of right now they've already uploaded about 800 pictures.

President: No!

Aid: It's true, sir. Although most of the uploaded pictures are just of lingerie models…

President: Lingerie models? But why?

Aid: A recent survey conducted about Facebook concluded that 95% of Facebook users are horny.

President: We're dealing with 2 million angry and horny kids?!!?

Aid: Wait until I tell you about the posted items board.

President: Hit me.

Aid: Lingerie models as well. Almost 4000 posts of them.

President: There's only one way out of this mess…

President opens his desk drawer and pulls out a gun

President: Goodbye, cruel world

What Those Petition Groups are Actually Doing Best Case Scenario

Aid walks by president in the hallway

Aid: So the kids made a Facebook group to lower gas prices

President: That's cute