In the event of an international catastrophe, who is better equipped to save the world: the Mighty Morphin Powers Rangers, or the Powerpuff Girls?

Is it better to be a Spawn of hell or to be a Hellboy?

Is Bill Clinton better at getting blowjobs than Bush is at starting wars, or vice versa?

Is it better to live in Ebaumsworld, or to have a good sense of CollegeHumor?

Who is more obnoxious? Bob Wiley of What About Bob? or Borat?

Is it cooler to wear Tommy Hilfiger, or to wear two popped collars at once?

Is it worse to suffer a Phantom Menace or to undergo an Attack of the Clones?

It's 3AM and you're standing outside your burning house from which you barely escaped alive. Is it more better to be caught wearing socks with birkenstocks or clogs?

Is it better to be a Backstreet Boy or an American Idol?

Is it more adventurous to travel the Oregon Trail, or visit a World of Warcraft?

Is it better to want to be a Millionaire or a Chamillionaire?

Would you rather be stuck inside a room with Hannibal Lecter or Anton Chigurh?