Some internet comic strip's headquarters

Comic Strip Writer: Aww, fuck, man! I'm totally in the zone with these new comics. It's like I have an x-ray into people's minds to know what they think is funny!

Comic Strip Editor: OK, what've you got?

Comic Strip Writer: Well take this one. It's perfect. It's Kobe Bryant sweating. BUT the little sweat drops are ALIVE and having FUN!!!! ROFL! LMAO! I must be the dough boy because I'm whipping up a nice batch of Pillsbury LOLls!

Comic Strip Editor: I…I'm not sure I get it. What's the joke? Why is that funny? Because it's personification? Are poetry devices suddenly the end all be all of humor?

CSW: Huh…maybe I didn't explain it right. It's Kobe Bryant….and he's sweating…but the drops HAVE FACES!!!! Is it Christmas? Cuz I think I just decked the halls with boughs of LOLly!

CSE: That may be, in fact, the least funny thing I've ever heard. It doesn't even have topical humor going for it. You realize the NBA playoffs ended like 3 weeks ago, right? They're like the furthest thing from people's minds.

CSW: Aww, man. Are you a smoker? Cuz that's a serious drag. But here, check out what else I've got.

CSE: For the love of God and your job, I hope you're not wasting my time.

CSW: No, no, no of course not. Look at this one. College kids will love it.

CSE: What the fuck am I looking at?

CSW: swelling in pride Weeelllll…if you don't mind me bragging a little, this is my absolute best work. It's pure, unequivocal genius. It's the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, in their sewer, dressed as the enchanting whores of Sex and the City! It's called Sex and the Sewer! Get it?!? It's a play on words!!! I must be Indiana Jones, cuz I just found the LOLy grail!

CSE: …..

CSW: It appeals to every demographic! The nostalgic, the young at heart, the glamorous…

CSE: The retarded…

CSW: Oh, are we in IKEA? Cuz I think I just bought a wraparound OUCH. Just one more, sir. It'll blow you away, I promise. Shuffles through portfolio Oh! Here, try this one.

CSE: Stares at image for a long time without looking up, but finally does, with a face full of unadulterated rage What in the name of all that is funny in the world is this?

CSW: It's LARRY Bird and BIG Bird! I got the idea from a game of TriBond! "What's the same between Winnie the Pooh, Attilla the Hun, and Catherine the Great?" Their MIDDLE name! Get it? Larry BIRD, Big BIRD! They have the same LAST name! They could be brothers! LOLlipop!

CSE: What the fuck is TriBond? And, Lollipop? What? Do you have F.A.S?

CSW: No, no, no Lol-lipop….I guess that one doesn't really work.

CSE: Get the fuck out of my office.

CSW: You'll be sorry! One day, I'll find an internet site that will get my rare brand of humor! They'll post a new strip of mine every week!

CSE: I pity the poor bastards that would have to endure that…