Okay let me start by saying that sbsolutely everybody can get laid in college and if you don't get laid in college then you are not trying. Now this is a guide for nerds, and other guys that typically do not get laid and need a little help. Also, I will not tell you to go to a party and get drunk and see what happens, granted that is a way to do things, but you want the girl to come back for more and for that, she needs to remember who she slept with. So without furtherr adue, I bring you "How to get laid: A Guide for freshman and nerds"

Step 1: Join your college's "Class of 20xx" Facebook Group

This step is pretty much vital to getting laid in college. By doing this and adding some girls as your friends on facebook allows them to get to know you before even meeting you in person. Just find a few good looking girls (But not the perfect 10s because every jock is going to be going after her, what we are looking for is the girls that are still very attractive but are more like a 7 or 8 out of 10) and add them to your friends list.

Step 2: Making contact

Okay, now that we've added them as a friend and they've accepted you need to send them a facebook message. Try something similar to,

"Hey, I hope I don't sound too much like a creep lol. But you sound like a cool person and I don't know too many people going to XXX so I'd like to get to know some people going there first so I won't such a loser. IM me or something if you want, if not that's cool too. -Mike"

 Now this message should get them interested in talking to you, and by saying that you hope you dont sound like a creep, you've put them at ease. If they respond back, it's time to move onto the next phase. If not, go back to step 1 and find more people to message, or maybe you need to update your profile and get rid of all those star-trek applications.

Step 3: IMing them

Okay, now that you've messaged them, and they've messaged you back, it's time to take it to the next level and IM them. Almost everyone has thier AIM screenname on thier profile so it won't be hard to find. When you IM them, the key is to keep a constant conversation going. Go ahead and be cocky, it's okay if anything it makes them interested in you, and why you think your so good. But if you get asked your major, a snappy resposne is required. Here's what I use: "I'm a computer science major, so I'm pretty much a nerd/geek/dork/whatever the lingo is now-a-days" And pretty much IM them whenever they are online and keep the conversation going for a solid 10 mins and then you can go away to play your video games or whatever.

Step 4: Once your at college

Okay, now that you've gotten to college you should invite these girls to your room (not at the same time) to hang out or something. Now here's where we get you really step up your game. First, make sure your room has a trendy music poster (I have the Dropkick Murphys on my wall) and play some of that trendy music on your computer. Make sure your door is open most of the time too, it's a great way to meet people. Now you want to get close enough to her where you two are either dating or close friends. And that brings us to the final step

Step 5: The night

Okay, you've done everything right so far, you've been cocky, you got the girl to be close enough to you where she might do it. Now you gotta kick your roommates out for the night then you set the night up by inviting her over to watch a couple of movies. Suggest to her after the second movie, that she can just spend the night in your room because your roommates are out for the night, and that way you can watch another movie. (Get like a trilogy of movies, The Borne series is a good one). Now you convince her to agree.  This works even better if you don't have room for a couch and you guys are sitting on your bed. Now this next part is up to you and it depends on your relationship with the girl. You can either try to say something like "damn that woman has some fine boobs, wish I could see those in real life". And she might say "well I have damn fine ones, what about me?" Then you call her chicken-shit unless she takes off her shirt, and go from there. Or something a little more romantic may be in order. In that case you may want to try, "You know XXXXX, I've really become attracted to you and I'd like to get to know you intimately." Or something along those lines. Now if you go this route it may take a little more time but it will work none-the-less, unless she has a boyfriend or something but in that case your stupid for trying to go after her…