'Ello Mates! Today we're going to observe the Drivers natural enemy; the Pedestrian.

Although the Driver is much bigger and stronger and can kill the Pedestrian with ease, the Pedestrian has the law on its side. Known as, "The Right of Way", this is what fuels the Driver's hatred towards the Pedestrian.

Ah, there's a Pedestrian now! Look at it. It's just gorgeous! If you observe it's body language it's showing the Pedestrian sign for "I want to cross". Of course, it wants to wade across the road, which is the natural habitat of the Driver.

It looks like it's trying to make the critical eye contact with the Driver! The Pedestrian considers eye contact with the Driver as a sign of weakness and it will interpret this as if the Driver were to say, "Hey there, Pedestrian, I see you, and I have no intention of killing today"

Because of this false interpretation by the Pedestrian, more experienced Drivers will most likely avoid eye contact with the Pedestrian. This lack of eye contact intimidates the Pedestrian, and stops the Pedestrian from entering the road.

Some of the more bold Pedestrians will sometimes blindly march across the street, believing that the Driver will see them in time and take appropriate action to avoid a collision.

Unfortunately for the Driver, when the Pedestrian travels in herds it is virtually unstoppable. Drivers know that this flock of Pedestrians can easily become enraged, and outnumber the Driver.

Do not forget the irony of the Driver/Pedestrian hatred circle. When the Driver removes himself from his vehicle, he will molt into a Pedestrian, and when a Pedestrian finds a vehicle to call it's own, it morphs into a Driver.

Until next week, G'day explorers!