Do your parents not understand technology? Do they ask you stupidquestions? Do they send you absurd text messages? Do they use wordslike "MyFace," "SpaceBook," or "The World Wide Web?"
If you've got an example of your Parents Just Don't Understanding, submit it here!.
And thank God we'll never be as dumb as they are!

My dad got a new cell phone after never owning one, and I noticed he kept hanging up on me in the middle of our conversations without saying goodbye or giving any warning. This went on all last semester and when I got home from break, I found out he would talk until the backlight would go off, close the phone, and plug it into the charger, because it "died."

Drey D., University of Florida

My mom has an old-school Samsung flip phone. She thinks that you have to leave it open when you charge it, or else it won't charge.
Ben P., University of Minnesota

Everytime my dad wanted to go to Youtube, he types in into the MSN search bar, searches for Bill Monroe on google, goes to page 4, which is a youtube video.
Evan T, Iowa

I made a video for a high school project, and gave a copy to my teacher to keep, because she really enjoyed it. Well apparently recently she found out it was on youtube, because I found this comment on the video's page:"I'm so glad that Tim P. told me to look for this on YouTube…I wish I had known earlier because my copy of the project got "clean sweeped" from my computer! The best video trailer EVER! Hope all is well with you Pat..tell the other guys I said ?Hi.'-Mrs. K"
Patrick R, The College of New Jersey

My uncle thinks that double-clicking is pressing both mouse-buttons at the same time.
Kasper W.

My parents' CD player wasn't working, so I took a look at it when I was home. My mom had been flipping CDs over "to hear the music on the other side".
betsy E, GA Tech

My parents recently got an entertainment center, and they were complaining about all the different remotes. Being the helpful son that I am, I advised them to just go get a universal remote to solve the problem. When I returned home for summer, the coffee table had four identical remotes on it, with a different colored dot on the bottoms. Apparently, they bought a universal remote for each electronic device, thinking that the point of universal remotes was to have all of them match. I still haven't corrected them out of pity, but did program the one with the blue-dot for my personal use.
Saint Awesome, UCLA

My dad calls surround sound, "surround surround"
Mike A, SUNY Oneonta