Bill – I've got one word for you, Jim. Raviolis.
Jim – Raviolis? Like, as in…
Bill -The noodle. Yep.
Jim – O…Kay. I mean, that's kind of random.
Bill – Look, Jimmy. Jim-meister. Have I ever steered you wrong?
Jim – What about Birdo? I get the feeling you're not even trying anymore.
Bill – Don't bring Birdo into this, dammit! She's just too complex a character. Gamers just weren't ready for such depth. I don't understand your problem with the ravioli enemy.
Jim – It just seems a little weak. Why doesn't Mario just eat him?
Bill – Because he's made of stone.
Jim – Really. Oh, well you didn't mention the stone…
Bill – Yeah. Loads of stone. And a horn.
Jim – No Way! Is the horn stone too?!
Bill – Yeah. Definitely some stone in that horn.
Jim – That's ace! You're a genius. I'm sorry for doubting you.
Bill – It's cool, I knew you'd come around.
Jim – What are you thinking of naming it?
Bill – Raviolis make a thwomping sound when they hit things. How about Thwomp?
Jim – I hate you.