So you're an incoming Freshman in college this fall, that's great!

This means that you've successfully defeated High School and you're ready to tackle bigger and better things.¼/span>

What you didn't know was that those bigger and better things will slowly eat away at your inner-workings until you can't carry on any longer!

A few things to remember, though, before you go to your first day of classes:

-Your teachers are now Professors, most of them with the title of Dr. This is a change from High School where the closest you got to a doctor in school was the Nurse, who only had the authority to distribute tampons. How lucrative!
-The next thing to remember is that if you're living on campus you will get to enjoy the pleasure that is move in day. It's the day where you and your roommate(s) realize that you've all brought too much stuff for the dorm room and will be spending the next 9 months packed away miserably in your own garbage! This is also the time where you'll reflect on how you'll spend all of your Dorm life checking to see what your roommate(s) has stolen!¼/span>
-And the final thing to remember is that Welcome Week Hook-up. Time to head out on the prowl. It's a great time to talk to the girl who laughs nervously when you look at her legs, or for you ladies to hit on that guy that won't stop crying in the elevator! All of these Freshman are open to the idea of a one night stand as long as it means feeling wanted and needed.¼/span>

Freshman year is a wonderful year full of majesty and pregnancy scares, so take it lightly and go with the flow. (It just so happens that "the flow" flows right out the college door with a .2 GPA, but that's not the point!)

"aking yourself too seriously could lead to a meltdown or even worse becoming the asshole RA.
Just remember this simple advice and it'll make Freshman year so much easier and predictable, just like it should be.

Happy learning Class of 2012!