I was reading Where The Sidewalk Ends for the first time since my childhood, and I noticed some poems that seemed cute and funny at the time now appear to reveal Shel Silverstein's true colors. You be the judge.

Lovely Little Cindy Moore
Lovely little Cindy Moore,
Whose family lives at the very next door,
Had herself a great little plan,
She took wood and paper and found some land,
And made herself a lemonade stand.
But oh poor lovely little Cindy Moore,
I doubt she'll open another store,
'Cause I shot that capitalist whore.

My Favorite Thing In The Whole Wide World
I think it's pretty fair to say,
On this bright and sunny summer day,
That when it comes to fun and play,
Any slide or jump or hump or swing,
Is no match for my favorite thing.
Unlike a ball, it has it all,
Compared to any game, it's king,
No hoop or hop or pop can touch,
The one true thing I love so much:
Earning the same wage as my fellow comrades.

George Orwell
I think it rather a shame,
That 1984's claim to fame,
Is sullying Van Halen's reputable name.
So if I had to choose between George Orwell,
I'd take the well any day,
And throw George in it.
Animal Farm sucked, too.