All week, a stupid word has been pervading the media and that can only mean one thing: Angelina Jolie had another kid. Two actually. Knox and Vivienne. Yeah, Knox. Let's all start placing our bets on what they'll call baby #7. Rex? Jax? Snorlax? You can really tell that Brad and Angie expect their kids to be cool, beautiful people. What if Knox Jolie-Pitt were the name of a fat loser? With this many kids, they're bound to produce at least one dud.[IDLYITW]

Speaking of babies, here's one that's gotten kind of overshadowed by old Foxy Knoxy: Jessica Alba's kid, Honor. She exists. And, yes, Jessica Alba is skinny again. [DListed, PopSugar]

If, however, you were wondering which hotties were looking particularly unskinny this week, take a peek at Uma Thurman's totally f*cked up bikini gut. Either she's pregnant too…or she ate a baby. [Egotastic]

Now that you're totally sick of hearing about pregnant chicks and their offspring, it's time to bask in the beauty of the post-menopausal set. Yeah, I'm talking about sexy old Helen Mirren. I'm serious. [IDLYITW]

Not going ga-ga for grandma? Fine. Miley Cyrus and her "purity ring" had a fun photo shoot in the shower. Nothing says "Disney" like a kissy face and a wet t-shirt.[WWTDD]

And, just so you don't worry that the world is a different place and beautiful people stopped getting naked in public, I'll let you know that Sienna Miller and Kate Moss were seen nakies.[CelebSlam]

Oh, Claire Danes also went to the beach. She tans her crotch like a pro.[WWTDD]

Now that you've seen all the babies and babes, I've got some news that's sure to brighten your life and make you say, "If that guy can date hot, young girls who are way out of his league, well, I probably can too." I'm talking about the fact that Seth Macfarlane is dating Amanda Bynes. So aim high folks! It just might work out.[CelebSlam]

But you should just give up your Megan Fox hopes. She's a hot girl who likes Star Wars. So she's perfect. Aim a bit lower. [Egotastic]

Hey, you can aim for Sarah Silverman ?cause she's single again. Rumor has it that she and Jimmy were f*cking other people.[DListed]

There's no cool segue for this next bit of info, so I'll just sum it up like this: Andy Dick's mug shot looks just as insane as you thought it would. And he didn't even do anything cool to get arrested. Just "alleged" drug possession. That old chestnut. [WWTDD]

If you want to see how a real man gets arrested, just ask Josh Brolin, a.k.a. Josh Brawlin'. This guy, who's playing George Bush in the new biopic, went to a bar with the guy playing Dick Cheney and then they got into a full-on, American bar fight. Classic. [CelebSlam]

Last but not least, this week's "Still Got It" award is a tie between Gwyneth Paltrow and Josh Holloway, ?cause they both look dope without wearing make-up or making any effort whatsoever. That's why they get the big bucks.[CelebSlam]

(And, in case you were wondering why I'm writing this instead of Sarah, it's because I killed her. I just really wanted to write about Knox Jolie-Pitt.)