All I can say about what I'm thinking is that I could've changed alot of things in this movie if I was in it as a villain. Let's see what I can do with this.

Batman: The Dark Knight/Begins

  • Make sure I have lights turned on, especially during the night time.
  • Do crimes by myself, the henchmen are targeted first.
  • Have many different identities.
  • Wear a mask.
  • No phones.
  • No dealing with the mob (prime Batman target).
  • Land a job as a police officer, so no one would suspect.
  • Not associating myself with main villains.
  • Not operating during the hours of 10 pm-4am
  • Operate only during the day, because Batman has a job to do.
  • If I am caught, I will be perfectly still. Batman is like a bear, he only attacks things that move.
  • No mugging in alleyways.
I guess I should also say how I could bring down the Batman.
  • Keep a rocket-launcher handy, to take out the Bat-vehicles.
  • Follow the Batmobile to where he stores it, sabotage will ensue.
  • Only do crimes when I feel it's neccessary/opportune.
  • Watch the news for sightings of him.
  • Suspect Bruce Wayne, always.