Luigi: Sick party, bro.

Mario: Hell yeah. Good tunes, good people…I'm just stoked none of Bowser's crew showed up.

Luigi: About that…Now don't freak, but Koopa Troopa and a few of his boys just walked in.

Mario: What!? I'm about to WILE OUT.

Luigi: Chill dude, chill.

Mario: If that weak ass turtle comes near me, I am going to do the WORST thing I can possibly do to him.

Luigi: What's that?

Mario: Jump on him.

Luigi: Whoa, whoa. Just be cool. One of his boys is comin' over to us right now…

Mario flexes at a ghost that is approaching them. The ghost covers its eyes and stops.

Mario: Bitch.

Luigi: Aw, come on man. Let's all just have a good time…Here, I brought a question mark box for you.

Mario: Sick. I've been looking for shrooms all night. opens box What the hell? A coin?

Luigi: Here, try another.

Mario: Fire flower…

Luigi: Don't use it dude. There's no reason to start sh*t with them. You're WAY too drunk.

Mario: Bro, I'm fine.