Our Summer interns are huge nerds and they wanna go back to SCHOOL soon. God what losers. Anyway, we can't dwell on what big dorks this current group of dweebs are. I'm writing to ask for your help. We need Fall semester interns. Here are our requirements:

  • A good sense of humor.
  • Familiar with CollegeHumor and other comedy websites.
  • Familiar with computers/the internet.
  • Up to date on pop culture.
  • Willing to learn and work with a team!
  • Live in, or within commuting distance of Manhattan. (NYC)
  • Not a loser.

And here are the kinds of things we'd have you do.

  • Help sorting and posting videos.
  • Write articles.
  • Upkeep the site, i.e. edit columns, caption pictures etc…
  • Brainstorm general ideas for the site, videos and BustedTees.

And all you have to do to apply is send a cover letter and resume to YesIWillWorkForFree@gmail.com. And please, remember not to swear at me in your cover letter. That's not how you get a job, even here.