Are you ready for the most epic battle of our generation? The most talked about event in sports history in at least a decade? The most fantastic, intimate, erotic and thrilling event to ever grace your filthy computer monitor? Well here it is ladies and gents, the duel of fates over whose college possesses the lamest mascot in America.

We pit George Mason's freakish green Gunston against the devilish St. Louis Billiken. Who comes out on top when U-Tulsa's deformed mutant Captain Cane goes head to head against whatever the hell Brutus the Buckeye is? And that's just the beginning folks. It's up to you to decide in the greatest battle of our generation and you can do it here, now, so go and experience the true pandemonium of trying to figure out what drug the people at Arkansas were on when they came up with BollWeevil.